This 5 Barrel System is currently on list for us when we have a final space

This 5 Barrel System is currently on list for us when we have a final space



Style… who needs style… well maybe everyone needs a little style and we like to use the style guide as a reference for brewing beers, but we feel it’s more important to brew Awesome beers than to match a definition.  There is an exception… when “style” reigns supreme… and that’s when we brew historical beers.  Be it a colonial ale, a pre-prohibition lager or a medieval Kveik; it’s important that we hold to the traditions, methods and styles choices made by the historical brewers. 

On our Crusade to brew Awesome beers you will notice a focus on the beer styles and brewing methods of olde.  Much like when grandpa would talk about, “Back in my day” or “Back in the olde days”, we have gone back in time to research and recreate beers, brewing methods and styles from long ago and not so long ago; medieval, colonial, pre-prohibition and ancient… no beer or style is too old or too out there for us to consider.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find incredible, current styles.  We have them… and love them… but it’s not all, or even most of, what we do.   Let’s be honest, the mid IBU low hop aroma IPA from only a few years ago it practically a pre-historic relic compared to modern takes on the IPA.

How we brew

This is a little up in the air.  While we already know what we want to brew, and what brewing methods we plan to use, the actual brewing process really depends on what Brewhouse we get... and that really depends on how much we can raise.  We have every intention of staring on the smaller scale, no 20 barrel starter systems for us; but how big (think 5 to 7 barrels), how many vessels, and so on are being decided as we go.

What we brew

This one is easy.  We brew modern and historical beers (using modern systems and a mix of modern and historical methods).   Yes we plan to decoction mash our historical Lager beers, yes we are going to source the most authentic ingredients for our beers, no we are not afraid of smoked malt (most old school... think 1500's-1800's... were smoke kilned malts).  We are even working on locally wild-sourced ingredients for our non hopped beers.  Spruce, edible juniper and a whole host of other great in beer ingredients can be found right here in south-east Wisconsin.