This is what we currently have on tap @ the Home Brewery.  This list will change with time and recipe development.  


Wild Yarrow

Wild Yarrow is a modern take on the traditional European Gruit.  Brewed with Yarrow flowers, Sweet Gale and Wild Rosemary it's a truly medieval un-hoppy adventure.

IBU 0 | ABV 5.6 | SRM 8

Accidental Porter

So what happens when you make an English Mild with whatever you happen to have sitting around the brew room… Well you get an Accidental Porter. Brewed with a uprising amount of crystal including crystal rye and crystal Maris Otter, it’s got a bite and some serious body.

IBU 39 | ABV 5.2 | SRM 30


The wit is a rye

Juniper, Sweet Gale and Wild Rosemary meld with Belgian Candi Sugar to make this Belgian style beer herbaceous and delightful with notes of sweet spice, clove and banana.

IBU 30 | ABV 5 | SRM 4

LemonDrop Saison

Classic Saison base with no herbs or spices but lots of Lemondrop hops. It’s a thirst quencher.

IBU 31 | ABV 5.3 | SRM 6.6


Up and coming brews @ the home brewery… in the brew kettle, fermenter or chilling like a lager; they will be on tap soon


Tangerine Kolsh

A classic Kolsh base with fresh tangerine peel in the brew kettle and tangerines in secondary. Currently lagering at 34 degrees and clearing slowly.

IBU 21 | ABV 5.2 | SRM 2


Holding mostly true to this classic style, except maybe the Perle hops. Lagering away @ 34 degrees and awaiting carbonation.

IBU 26 | ABV 7.2 | SRM 8


Experimental Vienna Lager

An experiment based on David Heath’s YouTube video about Vienna Lager. Based on his recipe and fermented with a mix of Imperial Loki Voss Kveik & Omega Hornindal Kveik @ 75 degrees, I smells incredible and surprisingly lager-like. Carbing up and drinking soon.

David Heath Homebrew Vienna Lager Video

IBU 30 | ABV 6.2 | SRM 18

Short & Shoddy Neipa

Never tried one of the Short & Shoddy recipes before and I was craving a NEIPA. Then i realized I had all the hops I needed to make this recipe :)

Brulosophy Short & Shoddy NEIPA

IBU 30 | ABV 5 | SRM 4